My arms are full of images.

They are my offering

to you.

As an artist and psychotherapist,

when I see a person’s inner beauty enliven their face,

or their body, or in the fractal patterns of their life, or in performance,

I know I am in the presence of the Sacred.

In my nearly 20 years as a psychotherapist,

I have witnessed this gold reveal itself

in my private practice, Threshold Counseling.

As a photographer,

I am a witness to those same moments in life

when what is essentially human is revealed,

at the thresholds of  births and deaths,

tragedies and triumphs, and

through the process of the creative arts.

I grew up immersed in the arts and the pursuit of beauty in all forms.

Photography for me is a form of my spiritual practice.

As I came of age in the Sixties,

my camera and I attended landmark events:

the Elysian Park Love-In (LA’s first Love-in),

the Monterey International Pop Festival,

and the Big Sur Festival of 1968.

My camera also accompanied me as I was the

cook for an intentional community

on the banks of the Shenandoah River in the ‘70s,

and at home births

in Carmel Valley and Santa Cruz, CA in the ‘80’s.

As a grief counselor

and a believer in the power of art to heal even the deepest wounds,

I photographed the emergence of self-healing

instant memorials that filled our streets and

gathering places after the American tragedies of

Columbine High School (as a volunteer grief counselor),

and 9/11 (as an American Red Cross

Disaster Mental Health Counselor) in New York City.

I have also worked in two free-standing hospices.

As a witness to the Creative Process

I now record the rehearsal processes

of the performing arts,

for the evolution of rehearsals

reveals the human struggle to birth a creative work.

Beauty in all forms still stops me in my tracks,

when I hear it calling out to be seen, acknowledged,

breathed in, and shared.

My photos are the, "quilts," I would leave behind

had I grown up on the American prairie, as opposed to the

beaches of Southern California, the streets of San Francisco,

and the canyons of Hollywood.

My arms are full of images.

They are my offering to you.

(All photos were shot with available light, and have not had high resolution scanning.)