Creativity in Captivity

"How is it possible to retain our humanity

in the worst of all circumstances?

When everything is taken, what remains that allows us

to survive not only, or not even, in body, but in spirit?

In many times and in many places,

the heroism of retaining the human soul

has been put to the test.

The purpose of 'Creativity in Captivity'

is to explore the interior world of creativity

as it holds its own and so

encourage and guide this crucial capacity."

Professionals and amateurs from across the world joined talents, languages and hearts in long rehearsals to create a performance in just four days of, "Creativity in Captivity," at the Subud International Congress held in Mexico City, in August of 2014. The performance and rehearsals were held at Puebla's historic El Teatro Principal, the first theater constructed in the Americas, in 1761.

Creativity in Captivity